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We are trying to make a change, to think out of the box and to expand minds. This is the place where your skills and and your brilliant thinking are put to the test. Fill in the form above and get taken to your first trial. Prove yourself worthy and be granted the key to a wonderful community of smart people who together will change the way we look at the Internet today. Reinvent yourself! Reinvent online! Do you have what it takes to join us?

About Geekwanted

We want to make a difference and so far we've succeeded! For the past year our main focus was to discover and connect with people whose brains work differently. Everyone thinks that us, computer Geeks are quite smart, but we really want to prove it. We feel the need to be part of change, to make the digital world a better place. And how can we do that? With your help, of course!
The first edition of our hacking contest was a modest one, but it surpassed our expectations regarding the participants and their involvement in the process. That's when we set out our goal to creating a top-notch online community that challenges all online geeks into making the Internet a different, better, innovative environment. Let's go on a wonderful adventure together!


  • Geek Wanted was a fun competition and I liked the feeling of hacking things. It's always fun trying to break into places, and having people organize puzzles that you need to figure out. Getting paid for solving them was totally worth it because I usually do it for free.

    Diana Mincu, 23, Bucharest

  • GeekWanted was a unique experience. Out of all the coding competitions I've participated in, it stood out as the most engaging, fun and demanding in the same time. GeekWanted had the same effect as learning Haskell for the first time, or going from SQL to mongoDB: It required a different way of thinking and finding solutions... different in a good way.

    Bogdan Sandu, 22 , Bucharest

  • Participating in the "Geek Wanted" competition as a student was an outstanding experience. The tasks were great and innovative as they put all my skills to test. Thank you, for making this awesome competition. The Geek Wanted contest is a fantastic competition for students to enter!

    Razvan Mihai Tache, 21 , Bucharest

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