Terms and conditions of using the website www.geekwanted.net


www.geekwanted.net is the property of YumSoftware SRL, a company established in Bucharest, sector 1, Aleea Av. Stalpeanu, nr 6, bl. 6, sc.B, ap.40, registered at the Trade Register of Bucharest under no. J40/11005/2009, tax code RO26215836 that can be contacted by e-mail at office@yumsoftware.ro. Throughout these terms and conditions, we refer to the site as „www.geekwanted.net ".

www.geekwanted.net is an online community of users who take ability tests, do hacks, solve tech puzzles, read news, interact on forum, vote user comments, take part in tech challenges and gather points in doing so.

By using the site www.geekwanted.net and / or any other service provided by it is deemed to have read, understood and fully accepted the terms and conditions of using the site. www.geekwanted.net site is submitted to the Romanian laws. Any dispute which concerns this Agreement shall be brought in front of a mediator to be solved, and if the parties do not agree on the appointment of a mediator within 15 days from the notification of the dispute, the competence will go under Romanian court jurisdiction coresponding to the headquater address of the society YumSoftware SRL.

Using this site as a guest, user registration and access to its services implies acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all the consequences arising from their acceptance.

Everytime changes will occur on the Terms and Conditions of using the website, the company YumSoftware SRL will notify the users by posting the changes on the terms and conditions in a visible part of the site.


The allowed purpose for using the site is to obtain information and access on the services provided by the site. Any usage of the site in other purposes is not allowed. The term "visitor" of the site means any physical or juridical person who will access the site. The term "user" of the site means any "visitor" who registers as "user" by filling out a subscription form.

www.geekwanted.net provides free of charge services and information to all persons whom wishes to register or just to access the website at www.geekwanted.net. Other services that will be implemented over the time on site are subject to the same conditions, unless they distinct conditions of use apply. Users have free access to www.geekwanted.net. Login with username and password allows access to the features of each service and customized content. Any material posted on site by the user (in any format) will be subject to moderation before or after loading. www.geekwanted.net reserves the right to restrict the usage of any service provided by the site for commercial purposes. By using www.geekwanted.net you agree not to use any automated system that accesses the site in a manner that sends more request messages to www.geekwanted.net site over a reasonable period of time for a person to be able to use this convention. www.geekwanted.net can run at any time ads and / or promotion campaigns in any section of the site. Campaigns and promotions conducted by www.geekwanted.net do not require the approval of the visitors or site’s users. The space and the size of the advertising campaigns and promotions do not require the visitor’s approval and can be changed at any time without requiring prior notification. www.geekwanted.net takes no responsibility for the damages or losses resulting from advertising campaigns or promotions organized on site other than the ones strictly organized by www.geekwanted.net.

www.geekwanted.net has the right, but not the obligation to keep the materials and resources available on www.geekwanted.net, or made available to third parties or site users.

Granting access to the resources of this site does not include providing hardware components and connectivity for the transmission of data packets between the user and the website, necessary to access the resources of the site. www.geekwanted.net takes no responsibility if the user is unable to access the site because of issues that go beyond the control www.geekwanted.net (hardware problems, software, Internet connectivity problems, etc.).

www.geekwanted.net can not be held responsible for incorrect or unsuccessful data transmitting or for any communication connection damages, for the lack of access or lack of Internet or web page, or both, or for the system failure of this website, no matter the cause of the above problems (equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, computers or providers) .

www.geekwanted.net does not guarantee that the resources available to you are not being affected by viruses, Trojans, or other similar programs and systems that might affect the normal operation of the information systems.


www.geekwanted.net offers free access to the site and authorizes you to view, print and send information on the site only for personal , non-commercial purposes.

It is forbidden to create links to this Site from other sites, or vice versa, without prior written consent.

Site content is the property of www.geekwanted.net and of the partner companies that are mentioned as content source and may not be downloaded, distributed, sold or resold without the written consent of www.geekwanted.net. If you want to retrieve any content from www.geekwanted.net, please contact us at www.geekwanted.net. www.geekwanted.net reserves the right to modify or add new rules and restrictions regarding site content at any time. www.geekwanted.net reserves the right to revise or update any service or the right to use any service at any time without previous notice. Users will not modify any part of this site except what is necessary for the appropriate use of the site with the purpose for which it was created. Thus, in areas of the site that allow users to add content, they will enter / upload online content that has to meet the strict requirements regarding size and dimensions shown on site for that section. www.geekwanted.net may include sections that include content uploaded by users in text, photo, audio or video format. For materials posted on the site, the user guarantees that :

  • is the author of those materials;
  • holds the copyright for those materials;
  • has the copyright consent of the owner to post those materials on site.

By posting any kind of materials on the website, the users grant a non-exclusive, on a free basis, irrevocable and unlimited by time and space licence to www.geekwanted.net and the company YumSoftware SRL on all the rights for the posted material, including usage, reproduction, processing, distribution, broadcasting, cable retransmission, promotion or redistribution of any parts of the material in any media formats and through any media channels, and also over any related material. It is forbidden to illegally uploaded content (child pornography, incitement to violence, racism and discrimination, etc.) obscene, defamatory, threatening, pornographic, harassing or materials that might violate any law. It is also prohibited to post items that could damage www.geekwanted.net site. Using www.geekwanted.net you must be aware that it will expose you to materials that may be offensive, indecent, repulsive and you consent to renounce any legal rights or compensations that you can claim from www.geekwanted.net and you agree to invest and maintain owners/operators of www.geekwanted.net, and its affiliates and/or licensees with the fullest extent allowed by the law regarding all the matters related to the use of the website.

In case you identify any materials that might harm the copyright or you consider to be indecent, illegal, or immoral, please send an email to office@yumsoftware.ro.


When using the site, registered users must:

  • provide real, accurate, correct, true and complete informations on their person when filling the registration form;
  • not affect the reputation of others, and to refrain from illegal actions against the constitutional order, crimes or violence against other persons or racial, national, ethnic or religious hostility; not promote fascist ideology or any other anti-democratic ideas;
  • not send or make no further reference to illegal content, harmful, dangerous, offensive, causing disorder, prejudice, discrediting, vulgar, indecent, defamatory, infringing the privacy of others or which is unacceptable in terms of racial, ethnic or other grounds;
  • make sure that the informations and images posted on this site do not present a negative impact on users;
  • not infringe the material and non-material rights and interests of others, such as copyrights etc.
  • not use site’s network to store / download material that violates any law regulation applicable copyright protection or the right to privacy of minors through false, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening and abusive data.
  • immediately notify the site administrator whenever committed or whenever an infringement appears while using the services provided by the site;
  • not assume a false identity of another person or a representative of a legal person or a group of people, if not entitled to represent those people and not to mislead third parties regarding its identity.

When using the site, users do not need to commit malicious acts - acts or omissions that violate online ethical standards or harm other people connected to the Internet or network related, not send junk e-mail (SPAM, JUNK MAIL) , not flood channels (fLOOD) , not obtain access rights and passwords using the resources of other people, not exploit the weaknesses of the systems for personal or to obtain information (HACK- except mentioned otherwise) ,not commit facts that may qualify as espionage or sabotage, not harm or destroy the system, or not cause massive attacks (CRACK- except mentioned otherwise) , not send "Trojans" , or not send viruses or install remote control systems, not affect the normal workflow of other Internet users and associated networks, not commit acts that can be qualified as a crime or offense by the law in Romania or any other country.

Registered users have the following rights:

  • to create their personal profile on site;
  • to create, publish and download images, text and other site content;
  • to access the content available only for the registered users;
  • to communicate / access the information posted on this site via social networks.

Any use, reproduction, change, public viewing, etc. of the content or part of the site without the given permission of SC YumSoftware SRL is prohibited and shall be punished in accordance with the applicable law.

YumSoftware Company controls how users use the site and takes all necessary measures to prevent and limit the technical ways to view, copy, change and transmit the content in any manner that violates the copyright and the related rights of the society.